Project Description
Ever been in a situation where you wanted to activate/deactivate a Feature on multiple sites (Webs) in one operation? Look no further :-) SPFeatureManager is here...

Say you have a Site Collection consisting of i.e. 60 subsites, and you want to add/remove/update a site feature on each and every site.
Out of the box, SharePoint will not let you activate/deactivate such Features in one operation. You simply have to go into each site and activate/deactivate the Feature manually. This is very time consuming...
Some might argue and say that a Site Collection Feature in some cases would be better, but what if this does not suit your purpose.

"What if I could just select a Feature and simply activate/deactive this on multiple sites/site collections in one operation...?"

Well, that lead me to the start of developing the SharePoint Feature Manager.
Try it out, and feel free to give me some feedback on issues, improvements etc... :-)

  • Developed for WSS 3.0 & MOSS (2010 version in development)
  • Supports Site Features (SPWeb) & Site Collection Features (SPSite)
  • Support for filtering on "Site Template" and "Created Date"
  • Support for hidden Features.
  • Checks for Feature Dependencies.
  • Dynamic TreeView of the site hierarchy.
  • Each site has its own corresponding icon visualizing the current status. (Active/Deactive)
  • Restricted to "Site Administrator"


Feature Manager

Feature Manager

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